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Bandits burn Catholic priest to death in Niger

Reverend Father Isaac Achi of Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church was killed by burning in the early hours of Sunday by bandits who attacked Kafin Koro Community in Paikoro Local Government Area of Niger State.

Around one in the morning, the bandits allegedly broke into the neighborhood and started firing randomly as they made their way to the Rev. Father’s hilltop home.

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A local man named Paul claimed that the robbers split into two groups; while one group proceeded to the Catholic priest’s official residence, the other group remained in the town and continued shooting to ward off any kind of intrusion.

Paul stated that when the bandits couldn’t assess the late Achi’s residence after a long while, they set the building ablaze and waited until it burnt to ashes with him in it. 

The Divisional Police Officer was said to have been reached but couldn’t get to Achi until he died. 

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