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Why my role in Anikulapo series is dear to me — Ade Tiger

Nollywood actor, Titilope Kuti, popularly known as Ade Tiger, famed for his role in the Netflix adapted series, King of Boys as well as the recently released ‘Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre, has revealed why the character he portrayed, Adigun (a kings guard and bounty hunter), is dear to him.

In a chat with the thespian, he explained that the producer of the movie, Kunle Afolayan, was intentional about the people he cast while highlighting that he was excited to be a part of the project.

He said, “I was both excited and challenged. When Kunle Afolayan reached out to me for the role, he was very intentional.”

Kuti further noted that the film is dear to his heart because the theme of the movie is deeply rooted in the Yoruba culture and as a native of the tribe it was not only an eye-opener for him but also a challenge in his acting career.

He said, “I was willing the extra mile across the board to absorb the character. I am a Yoruba boy, very proud of my heritage, so I took this role quite personally because this is a footprint in the sand of time with a project that celebrates my culture so richly.

“Many had also initially doubted my capacity as an actor to pull off an epic character and thought it out of my league of versatility. It was also an opportunity for me to take on that challenge head-on. I believe the results speak for itself now.”

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