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Korra Obidi physically assaulted during livestream in the UK

Nigerian dancer and social media influencer, Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, widely known as Korra Obidi, recently faced a harrowing experience involving a knife and acid assault while in the United Kingdom. 

In a video posted on her Instagram account immediately after, Obidi disclosed that the attack happened on Thursday, April 11, 2024, during a live feed. In the video, she is seen rinsing her face with Coca-Cola soft drink, apparently to relieve the burning feeling created by the acid.

Subsequently, two uniformed officers appeared in the video, administering immediate aid by applying a liquid solution to Obidi’s face and providing first aid treatment to her back. In the accompanying caption, Obidi implored the public to provide any relevant information that could aid in apprehending the perpetrator, describing the attacker as a black female approximately five feet tall. 

She underscored that while she has faced verbal attacks in the past, this physical assault serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of hatred and intolerance. Obidi concluded her statement while being transported to the hospital in an ambulance, emphasising the seriousness of the situation.


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