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Speed Darlington Rants on why Igbo Women are Unsuitable for Marriage


Controversial singer Speed Darlington has outlined his reasons for believing that Igbo women are not suitable for marriage. This follows Speed Darlington’s declaration that he couldn’t marry a woman who has lived in Lagos, as he believes they will do anything for money.

In a recent Instagram video, Speed Darlington offered advice to men looking to settle down and marry. He strongly recommended against marrying Igbo women, despite being Igbo himself, claiming they are unsuitable for marriage. He described Igbo women as greedy, unappreciative, disrespectful, and proud.

Additionally, he asserted that they have the highest rate of prostitution in Nigeria and that most social media feminists are Igbo.

Reactions to Speed Darlington’s assertion

1_otex said:

“They don break akpi heart scatter, I guess his circle attracts a lot of sharks so he thinks they are the only fish in the river”

SaintMoney said:

“Lobatan ???? We said it they call us mahd man ???????????????????”

Khan stated:

“He didn’t lie about the feminist part though”


“This is coming from the horse’s mouth. Oya nah!”

OKWYtycoon wrote:

“Akpi that’s a well known talkative and a druggie listen to him at your peril ????????”

Ara Cash said:

“Well na igbo man dey talk am, but you can’t use few of the ladies you’ve met judge the rest na”