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Tinubu Tasks Governor Otu to Secure APC Victory in Edo State

Governor Bassey Otu of Cross River State, the South-South coordinator of the All Progressives Congress (APC), revealed that President Bola Tinubu has tasked him with ensuring the party’s victory in Edo State in the upcoming September 2024 governorship election. Speaking at the APC South-South conference in Calabar, Governor Otu emphasized the importance of expanding the party’s influence in the region.

Governor Otu highlighted his current status as the lone APC governor in the South-South, expressing optimism that this will change with the addition of an APC governor in Edo State. “This meeting is significant to me personally. Even God himself detests loneliness. I read the lips of our president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the leader of our great party. He said it is not good that Governor Otu of Cross River is alone; let’s add more states to him so that the zone will be politically warm within the APC temperature,” Otu stated.

He assured that the party is dedicated to fulfilling President Tinubu’s vision and that they are prepared to apply successful strategies from other regions to secure a win in Edo State. “We are here to translate Mr. President’s wish into reality and justify his demand. Mr. President can be assured that Edo State cannot escape the onslaught with the winning strategy represented in Renewed Hope and People’s First. If we did it in Imo State, we can replicate the same in Edo State,” he said.

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Governor Otu took the opportunity to critique the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), reflecting on the time when the PDP was dominant in Cross River State. He noted that many doubted the ability of the opposition to overcome the PDP’s stronghold, but the APC eventually succeeded. “People are breathing freedom in every nook and cranny of Cross River State. Times are tough but they are only tough to be good and we believe that we are truly moving to the next level,” he remarked.

In his address, Governor Otu also called for unity among APC stakeholders in the region and advocated for important national appointments for party stalwarts. “We want as many appointments for our people from now henceforth. People who work tirelessly should be rewarded and those states that don’t have governors must be specially considered to strengthen them,” he concluded.

The APC’s push to capture Edo State reflects their broader strategy to consolidate political power in the South-South region, aiming to replicate their success in other states and strengthen the party’s regional influence.