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Power outage: Taraba residents resort to clay pots

Residents of Jalingo, the Taraba State capital, and other parts of the state have resorted to the use of clay pots as alternative means of cooling their drinks, Daily Trust on Sunday reports.

Findings revealed that clay pots sellers are making brisk business, leading to the hike in price of clay pots.

At Tashan Lau market in Jalingo, a pot seller, Jummai Adamu, said following severe heat, which is worsened by power outage, residents are now buying clay pots to cool their drinks.

She said the sales are now high compared to previous months before the start of heat season.

According to her, she sells more than 50 pots daily.

Jummai stated that clay pots are used in cooling water and soft drinks in place of refrigerator.

Another pot seller, Adama, corroborated Jummai’s account of the high demand for clay pots by the residents because of power outage and the severe heat.

She said a big size pot now costs N6,000 while the medium size costs between N1,400 and N3500, adding that despite increase in price, more people are coming to buy the pots.

Abubakar Sani, a resident of Jalingo, said clay pot is more reliable in cooling water and soft drinks because it doesn’t need electricity to power and in the face of power outage, clay pots are reliable alternative.


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