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Nigerians Demand Justice from Presidential Election Petition Tribunal

Over 1000 Nigerians have signed an online petition demanding justice from the justices of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja (

The petition calls on the Justices to prioritize the welfare and interests of Nigeria and its people above all else.

It also called on Justices to be mindful of the international community’s opinions and commentaries on the election while adjudicating based on the evidence presented before the tribunal.

The petition was initiated by the Coalition of Concerned Nigerians (CCN), and has been submitted to the justices.

The CCN emphasizes that “by delivering a just and unbiased verdict, you will not only uphold the principles of justice but also inspire faith and confidence in our judiciary.”

The petition addressed to Justice Haruna Tsammani, read in part: “We, the Coalition of Concerned Nigerians (CCN), write to you today with a deep sense of responsibility and a firm belief in the sanctity of justice. As the lead Judge of the esteemed panel of Judges entrusted with the critical task of adjudicating the 2023 presidential election petition, we implore you to honour and strictly abide by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, to which you have all solemnly sworn allegiance.

“At this pivotal time in Nigeria’s history, we call upon you to prioritize the welfare and interests of our great nation above any individual concerns. Nigeria stands at a watershed this moment, where citizens from all corners of our diverse nation have united to safeguard our democracy through free, fair, and credible elections. We trust in your wisdom and impartiality to recognize the gravity of this moment.

“It is crucial to note that invited and accredited election observers, such as the European Union mission, have presented detailed reports highlighting numerous aberrations before, during and after the elections. These reports, along with other substantial evidence, has been diligently presented before this tribunal. We beseech you to consider these vital pieces of evidence and apply the law with the utmost objectivity and fairness.

“The judiciary holds the sacred responsibility of being the last hope of the common man. Nigerians at home and abroad anxiously look forward to you for justice in this unprecedented and distinct election. Your decisions will profoundly impact the course of our nation’s future. This is a golden opportunity for each of you to etch your names in the annals of Nigerian history by upholding the principles of justice and equity.”

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