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It was challenging taking Buhari’s pictures when he was ill – Omoboriowo

Bayo Omoboriowo, the official photographer of former President Muhammadu Buhari, has said that taking the photographs of his boss during his (Buhari’s) illness was very challenging.

In an interview on Channels TV on Monday, Omoboriowo revealed the emotional toll of documenting the President’s health struggles as he (Omoboriowo) strove to preserve history for future generations.

He said he aimed to create a fair and accurate portrayal of the former President, balancing professionalism with creativity.

He said, “I think I can only say God helped me to be honest because it was a very challenging period where the agenda for me in the Villa was I wanted to preserve history for my unborn children; that was what took me to Villa.

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“I wanted to be the guy that in 10 years times, 20 years times if they should say what happened during this period in Nigeria, they can look at my archives and find those images there.

“So those periods I needed to also portray a man in fairness because he was ill then, we shouldn’t take a way the fact he is still human and I needed to have that mindset.

“So the way I presented him has to be fair yet accurate, has to be creative yet professional, you know that was balance.

“It was quite emotional for me as well at that period where someone with so much agility all of a sudden lost so much weight. It was quite emotional, and we were able to document that moment and we still preserve it.”

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