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How drugs turned me from best to worst student in university – Survivor 

Ifedayo Oluwole, a drug addiction survivor, has revealed how drug abuse impacted his academic performance, turning him from the best to worst student.

He also raised the alarm ovet the long-term effects of drug abuse, including potentially permanent memory loss, even after rehabilitation.

Oluwole, on Channels TV shared his personal journey from academic excellence to becoming a struggling student due to drug use.

The survivor also shared his experience of watching entire seasons of a movie without retaining a single episode.

He said, “People can have different effects of this thing but I am going to share personal experiences, I am on national TV and friends are watching all over.

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“My first semester in the university I was probably one of the best students in my faculty. I took tutorials, teaching mathematics. I have people come to me to teach them but by the end of second year I have worst results in our department.

“There is an effect you don’t see, it comes in the long run, some of these people start forgetting things, you would see a young person that was told something a few minutes ago, ask the same question he would not answer.

“I remember watching four seasons but I can’t remember even a single episode, these are some of the drugs young people are taking in society.

“Some of these things have long time effects on their health and their life as a whole. I started to study and research on this thing I see that in the long run you will discover you will start having memory loss sometimes even after rehabilitation.”

Contributing to the discussion, Femi Babafemi, Director Media and Advisory, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), highlighted absent parenting as a major cause of drug addiction.

“Quite a number of parents are no longer parenting. They are fathers and mothers not doing the work of parents. They just believe they have children, they just dump them in schools and be sending them money.

“They care less who they move with, what they do and other details of the life of these young people. They leave them at the mercy of those other ones outside who experiment a lot things, especially drugs, and from there you see those young people succumb to this pressure,” he said.

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