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Four factors fuelling frequent abductions of schoolchildren

Dr. Kabiru Adamu, the Managing Director of Beacon Security and Intelligence Limited, has identified four key factors enabling the repeated abduction of schoolchildren in Nigeria.

The expert said easy movement of attackers, lack of anti-terrorism framework, ineffective response and communication gap contributed to the menace.

Speaking on Channels TV on Monday, Dr. Adamu emphasized that each enabler falls under the watch of a specific security agency, raising questions about accountability for their inability to address these issues.

He said, “There are several enablers but I will just mention the important ones. Number one is the perpetrators. We know the perpetrators, they are the bandits or terrorists. We still don’t have an anti-kidnap framework in Nigeria, it is sad. We talked about it for years but we still don’t have one.

“The second enabler is their ability to move; they came on motorbikes. From the intelligence we gathered from the villagers, they moved from a particular state in the north west across other states. So if there were capable intelligence, we could have prevented their movement. This enabler is the inability to prevent the movement of these persons on motorbikes.

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“The next enabler is the response capability. Even if you were able move and arrive at the location, if the response capability was effective, it would have been able to stop them.

“You can talk about the fact that they still have access to petroleum to put in their bikes to travel up to 4, 5, 6 hundreds kilometers and of course after the incident, to move back to their locations.

“How about the communication? They still are able to communicate among themselves. Someone is controlling them and they communicate through most likely mobile phones.

“So these are in reality some of the enablers, I am sure you will be wondering what our security agencies are doing. For every enabler, I mentioned there is a security department that has a mandate to monitor that particular enabler.

“And that takes us back to my earlier point about accountability. Who is asking questions regarding the inability of these particular security departments to prevent those enablers?”

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