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Die-hard Smugglers Sponsor Mobs to Attack us – customs

The Comptroller Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit, Zone B, Dalha Wada Chedi, has said some die-hard smugglers are sponsoring mobs to attack their operatives.

He said smugglers also organize illegal demonstrations against his personnel to obstruct them from their constitutional work.

During a news briefing on Thursday, the comptroller warned such individuals that they would not discourage or deter his men from carrying out their jobs.

He disclosed that from February 17 to March 28, 2024, the zone seized goods worth N769,465,907.46 in the zone.

“I say to those die-hard smugglers who sponsor mobs to attack our operatives and/or organize illegal demonstrations against us that they cannot and will not discourage and deter us from carrying out our job.

“It is one of two options: either these smugglers turn a new leaf and embrace legitimate trade, or they have us to deal with and face the wrath of the law and the full consequences,” he warned.

He further explained that the zone is utilizing a combined effective intelligence network to combat and expose rice smugglers.

He emphasized that his men remain resolute and will not relent, as no amount of trickery, blackmail, or orchestrated attacks will dampen their morale.

He boasted that their eagle-eyed officers and men are constantly responding to the ever-changing tactics of smugglers, who deploy new methods to conceal smuggled rice, such as disguising it as flour in local flour sacks.

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