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Count on our support, Kano Gov tells FHA MD

Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of of Kano State has pledged the support of the state to the success of the Renewed Hope Housing programme of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

This was revealed, Thursday 29th March,2024 when the Managing Director and Chief Executive of Federal Housing Authority, Hon. Oyetunde Ojo, visited the governor in continuation of his consultation of his tour of the North West zone.

Ojo had, in his address, informed the Governor that apart from coming to pay him a courtesy visit as the new management in FHA, his team had come with the President’s message on the Renewed Hope Agenda on Housing.

He told Yusuf that Kano was the 9th State he visited with the President’s message on Housing.

According to Hon Ojo; ” the President has given us the mandate to make the Renewed Hope Agenda on Housing possible, because of the housing deficit we have in the country “.

The FHA Chief Executive pointed out that Kano State’s strategic importance as a commercial hub in the North and as one of the most populous states in Nigeria necessitates the need for affordable housing provision for the citizens.

“We know the position of Kano and Lagos in terms of population. Kano is so strategic in our country and we need to provide houses for the people here”.

The Managing Director therefore asked the Governor to give land to Federal Housing Authority for the project. ” Our mission here is to seek for land. We know we have land here with challenges, but we are asking for a new one for this project”, he said.

Yusuf, in his response, appreciated the FHA delegation. He acknowledged the housing needs in Kano as the most populous state in the country.

The governor noted that as a one-time Commissioner of Works in the state, he was involved in some of the housing projects standing today in Kano.

According to him, ” I was once Commissioner of Housing and Transport. Most of the houses you see in Kano were done under my supervision and conceptualization. As a governor, I feel the sky is my limit”.

Yusuf stated that housing development is key to his vision in Kano State and that he would do everything thing possible to achieve that.

He therefore pledged his support to FHA to succeed in the project.
According to him; ” housing development is key to my vision. Count on my support. Within the next one week, you will hear from me.”

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