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Cleric urges wealthy Nigerians to support govt’s efforts to tackle hunger

An Abuja-based Muslim cleric, Mallam Harun Muhammad Eze, has urged wealthy Muslims and other Nigerians to support the government’s efforts to tackle hunger and other challenges facing Nigerians.

He made the call on Sunday in Abuja at a Ramadan programme organised by the Afemai Islamic Movement (AIM).

“Those who have should bring out and give to those who do not have. Feed the poor, feed the needy, assist the poor, get people out of the shackles of poverty and things will continue to be better for us all.

“When wealth circulates, when wealth goes round and everybody feels the presence of wealth, therefore ease will come. Difficulties arise when there is no circulation of wealth.

“When wealth is retained in the hands of the rich and those who have it keep it to themselves, life will begin to get harder,” Eze said.

The chairman of the occasion, Mallam Nasir Ozama, said the major focus as a Muslim is to act righteously in accordance with the injunctions of Allah as enshrined in the Holy Quran and to also obey the Prophet Muhammad.


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