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Almajiri commission to incorporate Arabic, English studies for enhanced education

The National Commission for Almajiri and Out-of-School Children’s Education (NCAOOSCE) is to collaborate with the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS) and the Nigeria Arabic Language Village (NALV) to enrich the educational experience of almajiri students by incorporating Arabic studies into their curriculum.

The Executive Secretary of NCAOOSCE, Dr Muhammad Sani Idris, made this known at an inter-agency collaborative meeting between the three agencies in Kaduna, according to a statement signed by spokesperson of the commission, Nura Muhammad.

Muhammad said with the collaboration, the organisations are committed to ensuring that almajiri students receive a comprehensive education that includes a deep understanding of the Arabic language and Islamic teachings.

He also said in addition to partnering NBAIS, and NALV in the area of Arabic studies, the  commission is also working closely with other relevant agencies to enhance almajiri education further.

“One of the key focuses is to introduce English language education to Almajiri students, ensuring that they have the necessary skills to thrive in a modern, globalised world,” he said.

The NCAOOSCE executive secretary said by collaborating with various agencies, the commission is committed to providing almajiri students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in all aspects of life.

Dr Sani Idris appealed to the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies, NBAIS, to hand over to NCAOOSCE, the Tsangaya Unit of the board to serve as a learning centre for the reformed almajiri education.

He also said the commission will provide an accelerated learning programme for out-of-school children in the southern part of the country who are into apprenticeship, for them to study up to the tertiary level of education.

Both the Registrar of NBAIS, Prof. Yahuza Imam, and the CEO of NALV, Prof. Ibrahim Muhammad, pledged their maximum cooperation towards addressing the challenges faced by out-of-school children in Nigeria.