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TJay Kartel – “Elewe Ukwu 2.0” ft ILLbliss

TJay KARTEL, formerly known as “TJ Eleweukwu”, is back with a lovely twist to one of his classics. “Eleweukwu” was the song that made Tjay Kartel a Superstar in 2009. Now Re-vamped, (under his Label, SSYMA RECORDS), featuring ILLBLISS, Oga Boss, with a rap verse, and MCLordEl with the background hypes, a simple Love song, transformed into ELEWEUKWU 2.0, A beautiful blend of melody, dance, rhythm and poetry.

With his super sultry and silky voice, sit back and let TJay KARTEL take you on this beautiful journey of Love, with Elewe Ukwu 2.0 already being hailed as an instant classic.



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