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[Album] Black Sherif – The Villain I Never Was (Song)

Black Sherif The Villain I Never Was Album.

Black Sherif The Villain I Never Was Album

Black Sherif Drops His Debut Album Title, The Villain I Never Was.

On his debut album, Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif extends the raw delivery and the overcoming-self-sabotage philosophy he introduced on singles like ‘Kwaku The Traveller‘ and ‘Second Sermon‘ into a 14-track manifesto. Centred on making sense of a hard life, “The Villain I Never Was” plays like a collection of Sherif`s personal affirmations, ones he uses both to battle inner demons and fuel his ambitions.

I feel like inside myself, I am my own villain,” the rapper tells Apple Music. “Even outside, with things that happen to me, and situations that I’ve been through, I`ve always been the villain in my own head. But when I sit down, and explain things to myself, then I know I was never that villain. I’m not actually that villain that they say I am, or that my mind tells me I am. So the album is actually inspired by pain, anger, perseverance, and self-actualisation””being aware and standing your ground. Most of the words in the album are commands to my spirit, and it tells my story.”

Listen to the album below;


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