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Lady Narrates How Edo Pastor Sold Her To Russia For Prostitution (VIDEO)

Florence Abu who was a hairstylist in Nigeria searching for greener pasture outside the shores of the country has narrated how Endurance Ehioze, an assistant pastor with Heavenly Ambassadors Ministries trafficked her to work as a prostitute in Russia.

Topnewsnaija gathered that Ms Abu was lured into leaving the country after the Pastor claimed to have seen a vision of her prospering outside the shores of Nigeria.

According to Ms Abu who is also an indigene of Edo State, she agreed and believed in the Pastor’s vision because she wanted to change the fortune of her family for better.

However, things went sore for Abu after she realised the Pastor has sold into Prostitution in Russia.

Narrating how she was convinced to accept the offer to leave the shores of the country, she said that the Pastor, Ehioze told to give his mother, Vivian Ehioze, her pubic hair and fingernails, which would be used for a fetish oath to ensure she does not abscond on getting to Russia and also to pay $46,000 to regain her freedom from the prostitution syndicate she was lured into or be killed if she tried to be “smart.”

She said, ” I, first of all, refused the offer but he now told me that I don’t have a choice because God showed him in a revelation that my destiny is not in the country, that my destiny is outside the country and for me to achieve that aim, I need to leave the country so I can earn better money and also help my family and take them away from poverty and for me to also have a better stay.

“When he said that, I was like okay, but I don’t have the money to leave, how am I going to leave, and he said that not the problem, and that they are the ones that are going to fix the bills to leave.

“The only thing they will request from me is for me to go and look for money to do my international passport, that if I can do my international passport, then the rest of the things they are doing is on them.

“The pastor told me that that’s the only form of guarantee that I should do it. So I don’t have a choice I had to give her what she requested for; hair from my head, my armpit, pubic part, and my fingernails. So I gave her those things, then she now asked me to leave.

“That was how I left, I gave it to the mother of the pastor and the mother of the person I’m going to meet in Russia.

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“They told me that after my payment, I can decide to do my hairdresser work, do my dancing or my singing that I can go ahead with that but for the now, the only thing I can do is to see how other girls are hustling on the streets. That’s how I’m going to sell my body as a prostitute to also pay her money until I finish paying the $46,000, but if I want to form that I’m a very smart girl, she might even kill me here (there).”

Meanwhile, she regained her freedom back to Nigeria after she came down with a mysterious illness that defied treatment.

The national coordinator, Initiative for youth awareness on Migration, Immigration, Development and Reintegration (IYAMIDR), Solomon Okoduwa confirmed that the Pastor, Endurance Ehioze and his mother were arrested and are currently being tried for human trafficking-related charges at the Edo State High Court.

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