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See Ways To Avoid Being Victims Of Fake Job Offers And Interviews

See Ways To Avoid Being Victims Of Fake Job Offers And Interviews

Quick Tips To Identify Fake Job Offers And Interviews

As a job seeker or a fresh graduate, it is important to be security conscious when going for an interview especially now that there are many job vacancy posters by fraudsters asking people to apply for different non-existing job positions.

Unemployment in Nigeria is very high and these perpetrators are taking advantage of the rising unemployment rate to lure and defraud desperate job seekers who fall victims to their job scams.

Topnewsnaija has listed below ways you can avoid falling victim to the so-called “job vacancy”

How to Identify Fake Job Offers and Interviews

Fake Job Offers And Interviews
  • Don’t accept job listings where they are requesting your pictures but are refusing or declining enough details about the job.
  • For Ladies: Do not go for a job interview in a Hotel unless you applied for a position in the hotel.
  • Anything that seems too good to be true may be too good to be true; For example, if a company is offering a fat sized salary for an Entry-level Job, that may be a red flag. You’d want to take some time out to google them out and check scam directories.
  • Please inform your family should you go out for an interview.
  • Give them all the details in case something would go wrong; In fact, they should be have an expected return time and be prompted to call you every moment.
  • Avoid going for an interview alone especially when the venue is unfamiliar. If you must, ensure you’ve done your research

How To know Verify Company Information On Online

  • To know the owner(s) of the company by name and contact details. You should check them up on Google map, check reviews of this company on Google my business.
  • Moreso, you should do a Facebook search on them and get every bit of contact information.

Things You Should Not Do At An Interview

  • Do not leap at seemingly glittering opportunities. The world isn’t as safe as it used to be and fewer people can be trusted. So It is better safe than sorry.
  • Do not pay any fee to get a Job. If you are required to make payment for an interview or job, you will playing into scam. And I think you may pay much more later.
  • “Don’t let desperate situations make you do desperate things.” – DeepLife
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