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Why I want to have more kids with my ex-husband – Actress Wumi Toriola

Popular Nigerian actress, Wumi Toriola, has revealed why she wants to have more kids with her ex-husband.

Prior to Valentine’s Day, the movie star was asked about her romantic life during her recent appearance as a guest on Iyabo Ojo’s Goldroom talk show.

Many were shocked to learn that Toriola was still in contact with her ex-husband as the young lady claimed that she would not mind having more children with her ex-partner.

Toriola stated that she had made important life decisions and that she had thought about having all of her children with her ex-husband.

She said, “I want to have more kids, I’m not just stopping at one, I love children, at least two more kids. The decision now is going over the love life in the sense that I’m thinking I still want to have my kids with my…I don’t want to bring it out here.

“Maybe for now a co-parenting, not the African marriage, that was what I had in the first one. But now we understand what we want, the co-parenting.”

When the interview went viral, internet users had differing opinions. See a few of their comments below:

@bossladyempire said, “Why not stay in marriage? Better still, ask for forgiveness madam.”

@justanotherhuman said, “All these women in the showbiz usually have failed marriages. The answer is simple, the women don’t want to be under their husbands. They want to have their cake and eat it too.”

@iamflakkybeauty: “Sister I love your decision. This is what God loves and God bless your reunion with all your beautiful heart desires. ❤”

@1504_closet: “I’m so happy to hear a reunion , that’s a good decision.”

@joynnk0512: “What she said is not bad because having children from different fathers is not easy.”

Prior to now, Wumi made headlines revealing some shocking details about her previous marriage.

She disclosed the details of her failed marriage and her reasons for leaving before things became worse in an interview with a colleague, Debbie Shokoya.

She also discussed co-parenting and how she effectively handles it while making sure her ex-husband is actively involved in their son’s upbringing.

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