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Why I want to be a white woman in my next life – Actress Destiny Etiko

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, has disclosed that she wants to be a white woman in her next life.

The actress made the revelation while replying to a video posted by Instagram blogger, Tunde Ednut, which featured two Caucasian ladies expressing financial independence.

The women in the video said they would not rely on men for “luxury expenses” such as hair and nails, and that they preferred simple, personality-focused dates over extravagant outings.

In response to the video, Etiko stated that she desires to be a white woman in her next life, saying that even as a black Nigerian woman, she does not anticipate favours from men but takes them when they come.

She claimed that she dislikes receiving negative reactions when she demands anything, thus she would rather labour “tirelessly” to achieve her goals.

Etiko wrote, “In my next life, I’ll be a white girl.” Cos Even as a Nigerian babe, I don’t expect anything from anyone, but if it does happen, that’s fine.

“Because I hate hearing N0 when I demand for something, I’d rather work tirelessly to achieve my life goals.

“I work for my money.”

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