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Theatre play revived with ‘Waterside’

Dotun Oluwashakin

Kininso Koncepts, a storytelling, film Art, Theatre/training and performance company, is set to premiere a theatre play, titled ‘Waterside’, billed to be performed on December, 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10 in Lagos.

The founder of the production company, Joshua Alabi, announced the premiere during a press conference held in Lagos, stressing the firm’s keen interest to revamp the beauty of theatre play.

“We need to support Nigeria’s theatre play and make it become a brand. This is the way you help build this industry,” he said.

Earlier, there was a display of the play which featured two characters; Moshood Fattah and Stanley Okeke.

The duo’s energetic and artistic prowess reflected the plot of the play which centered on themes as taboos and totemism.

Commenting on the play, Alabi said the play was borne out of his experiences growing up in the barracks and also a reflection of the culture of the South- South people.

“The play, set in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria explores its story from the eyes of two main characters through the theme of memory, family, poverty, and childhood but its core concept hinges on the subject of taboos and totemism, forest trees, animism, the links between the sky and earth, symbolism, links between the spiritual world of ancestors and people,” he added.

He stated that the play was replete with challenges bordering on getting to understand the culture of the people and putting things resources together to make for the final production.

“It is a play that needs a lot of concentration. It has been challenging to let them know the story,” he added.

According to him, the play was built on human interest. He added that it was void of fiction but depicted the general picture of the relationship with culture and human activities.

“In some cultures, there is a strong belief that a child’s development is closely tied to the growth of a tree. If the tree’s growth declines, people believe that the child’s health is at risk and may call upon a healer for help. When a child falls sick, they are brought to the tree for treatment,” he stressed.

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