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Nude Scene With Eucharia Anunobi affected my marriage – Zack Orji

Veteran Nollywood actor, Zack Orji, has revealed that his marriage was adversely affected after starring in the popular film, ‘Glamour Girls’, in the 1990s.

Orji was involved in a nude scene with fellow star, Eucharia Anunobi.

The multiple award-winning actor said a lot of people were feeding his wife’s mind with negative stories against him which led to his pastor suspending him.

Orji made these disclosures while featuring on a podcast tagged ‘Nollywood Hardcore: The Legend’s Untold Story.’

The 1994 Glamour Girls two-part film was about an independent single women embarking on their independence within Nigeria’s traditionally patriarchal society through escorting.

Directed by Chika Onukwufor, the story revealed young women engaging into prostitution, as they battled between accomplishing their dreams and maintaining societal norms.

In the second part, a scene featured Orji and Anunobi sharing a bathtub in an erotic moment.

Recounting the impact of the movie on his life, Orji told Emmanuel Ehumadu, host of the Podcast who is popularly known as Labista, that the scene took a toll on his marital life.

He said his pastor called him that he had received many disturbing reports about the matter and the suspension which he claimed to be private also leaked to the media.

When asked about the impact of the film, Orji said, “Back then, we were talking about the 90s before the 2000s. I was married, yes.”

On whether he had issues with his wife, the actor said, “I did. Even though she’s an actress, so they were putting a lot of things in her mind.

“I remember after the movie was released, my pastor invited me and said that he had been receiving too many calls. (He said) How can Zack go and do this kind of thing? He said he called me because he wanted to suspend me. But he wanted to inform me first of all before suspending me.

“And he said well, he was not going to tell anybody that it was just between us. While this happened, I was on another set, we were filming in Ikeja GRA. There was this guy called Alex who was very well-known in the industry back then.

“He worked with Punch Newspapers, he came to the set where I was filming and said,” I just want to confirm from you before going to the press: is it true that you have been suspended by your church? I said who told you that?”