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Mr Ibu’s Daughter hijacks His TikTok account Hours After Death

Barely 24 hours after the death of popular Nollywood actor, John Okafor, also known as Mr Ibu, his adopted daughter, Jasmine, has renamed his TikTok account.

Jasmine also deleted all the videos of the deceased actor’s TikTok account which has over 1 million followers to her own name.

Mr Ibu was bedridden for a period of time after his leg was amputated before he eventually gave up the ghost on Saturday.

As Nigerians joined the Nollywood stakeholders to mourn the passing of Mr Ibu, it was discovered on Sunday that his adopted daughter had renamed his page to @LadyJasminec_live.

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She also appeared to have deleted all the late actor’s videos except the ones featuring her.

The development has sparked uproar on social media, as the actor’s fans slammed Jasmine of “tampering” with his legacy.

Meanwhile, Jasmine has not reacted since the sudden change of his deceased foster father’s TikTok account.

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