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Reactions as Keyamo challenges aviation experts to debate

Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo has challenged some experts in the industry to a public debate.

This followed criticism which trailed his recent visit to France where he toured the factory of the foremost aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, in Toulouse.

A video of Keyamo touring the factory had trended with some stakeholders saying Keyamo had turned himself to Airbus sales agent.

But Keyamo fired back in a statement on Tuesday, saying the federal government would go all out to facilitate seamless and aircraft leasing for local operators.

Keyamo bemoaned the criticism of the ‘experts’ whom he stated have not contributed anything to industry development.

Keyamo said,“SOME so-called Aviation ‘experts’ who have failed to do anything over the years to help revive the industry are suddenly pontificating (as they have always done) as if they hold some ‘magic wand’ to turn the industry around, when in fact we know they are speaking for some interests who think the aviation industry in Nigeria is their birthright. I challenge them to a public debate on this.”

His statement has generated divergent reactions in the industry.

Chairman of Westlink Airlines, Capt. Ibrahim Mshelia said, “Debate is not necessary. The Honourable Minister seems to have read all the files collecting dust in the ministry handed to his predecessors with so many recommendations but were ignored.

“However, how to go about it is the issue here. There are too many interests and toes he will have to step on to achieve this dream. How hard will his steps be and how prepared is he willing to go and also sincerely is the issue.”

Alhaji Bello Salihu, Chairman Butake Resources Limited, an aviation handling company, said Airbus is not even new in Nigeria.

According to him, the defunct national carrier, Nigeria Airways, where he worked was the launching customer for Airbus A310.


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