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Petrol price hits N700/l in Sokoto, Maiduguri, others

Despite repeated assurances by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) that there are no plans to increase the pump price, independent marketers have adjusted prices to over N700 per litre in states like Sokoto and Borno.

A Daily Trust market survey yesterday indicated that a litre of fuel was sold between N690 and N700 by most of the filling stations owned by independent marketers in the Sokoto metropolis.

Our reporters gathered that other major marketers like AA Rano and Dan Marina filling stations were selling a litre at the cost of N675 while NNPC Mega station sells at N620/l.

Our correspondent, who went round Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, observed that the price of PMS had risen to N720 as of yesterday.

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He observed that the NNPC mega stations that were supposed to be selling at regulated/official prices had not been dispensing for over one week.

“We’ve been coming to the NNPC mega stations to buy fuel but none of them is selling, I’m afraid they are trying to increase the fuel price,” a car owner, Inusa Salisu, said.

Another driver, Hassan Aliyu, lamented that most of the filling stations were selling above N700 in the town.

“And for those fuel stations where a litre cost N700, they do tamper the reading of the dispensing machine. After everything you will realize that the fuel cost is above N750 sometimes,” he claimed.

The petrol price in Kano was between N620 and N690/l depending on the filling station as NNPC filling stations were selling at N620/l.

AA Rano filling stations located at Sharada and other places were selling at N675 per litre.

Aliko Oil on Zaria Road by Gyadi-Gyadi roundabout was also selling fuel at N675/l.

A market inspection around Abuja indicated that independent marketers were selling at N670/l.

One of the independent marketers, Nasir Gidan Kanawa, attributed the disparity to the cost of diesel. 

“We are buying our commodity from the major markets like AA Rano, and Dan Marina who get their supply directly from NNPC.

“As of today (Monday) the cost of a litre at the depot is between N627 and N630 and we spend an additional N55 to transport each litre to Sokoto not to talk of other expenses.

“That is why some of our members sell a litre at N690 while others sell at N700,” he said 

NNPC Ltd, in a message last week, urged Nigerians to disregard unfounded rumours and assured that there were no plans for an upward review of PMS price.

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