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Firm unveils code for bill settlement

Switchto931, Nigeria’s premier digital bill payment company, has unveiled KIM OPARA, popularly known as ‘KIMOPRAH,’ as its inaugural Brand Ambassador.

This strategic partnership aligns seamlessly with Switchto931’s mission to provide easy, accessible and cost-effective bill payment solutions to individuals and businesses across Nigeria.

Leveraging Kim’s substantial influence among the youth demographic is poised to propel the adoption of the *931# code in Nigeria’s daily financial transactions.

Head of Marketing and Communications at Switchto931, Enitan Kuton, said the selection of Kimoprah as its Brand Ambassador “Perfectly aligns with our mission to empower Nigerians with the freedom to embrace technology and innovation conveniently.”

He said switchto931 offers a versatile bill payment platform accessible through various channels. It caters to the diverse bill payment needs of Nigerians, irrespective of their educational or digital background.

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