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‘Automation capable of transforming governance in Nigeria’

Technology holds the potential of transforming governance in Nigeria, bringing about greater efficiency and increased output for the country, Melanie Ayoola, the Group Executive Director of Tranter IT, the official and exclusive distributor of ManageEngine solutions in Nigeria, has said.

She spoke during the 2024 ManageEngine IT Gov Conference, which was held in Lagos and Abuja.

She said, “By better leveraging innovative technology that drives automation, we can streamline administrative processes, enhance service delivery, make data-led decisions for the future, and improve the lives of Nigerians.”

At the event, public sector leaders, technology experts, business innovators, and other stakeholders explored the intersection of technology and governance in public sector organisations.

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“With the right technology in place, we have the opportunity to bridge longstanding gaps in governance, fostering a more prosperous society where the government and her institutions can better serve the people, using automation to manage infrastructure, take data-led decisions, and generally impact lives.

“With the increasing adoption of automation technology specifically, there would be a rise in the productivity of public workforce resulting as well in the maximal output across board in governance,” said Ayoola.

The General Manager of the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASSRA), Adebiyi-Abiola Bilikiss, said the partnership between Tranter IT and ManageEngine has improved efficiency and streamlined processes within her agency, especially as its automation feature has enhanced the process around the distribution of the resident cards.

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