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36 persons died from electricity incident as 111,225 metred in Q4

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has stated that the number of accidents in the fourth quarter 2023 increased to 54 from 41 recorded in the previous quarter, an increase of 31.71 per cent with the number of deaths being 36 from 34 in the previous quarter.

NERC in its Q4 2023 report, noted that out of the 54 accidents reported in the quarter, the licensees with the highest number of casualties were Jos (18), Yola (10) and Eko (8) which represented 27.27 per cent, 15.15%, and 12.12 per cent respectively. Conversely, Kaduna and FIPL had the least casualties (1 each) within the quarter.

“The major causes of casualties are wire snaps; 17 deaths and 16 injuries, Illegal/unauthorised access; seven deaths, acts of vandalism; five deaths and one injury, unsafe acts/conditions; four deaths and seven injuries, falls from height; three deaths and six injuries.”

The report also indicated that 111,225 metres were deployed.

NERC said the number of metres was 25.72 per cent decrease compared to the 149,745-metre installations recorded in Q3.

The report said Ibadan, Abuja and Ikeja DisCos recorded the highest number of metre installations accounting for 30.11 per cent, 19.66 per cent and 12.62 per cent respectively, of the total installations, while Kano, Yola and Eko DisCos recorded the least installations framework with 442, 1,222 and 2,109 installations respectively.

It stated that 99.02 per cent of the customers metred were under the Metre Asset Providers (MAP) while 0.96 per cent were metred under Vendor Financed, and 0.02 per cent were metred under the NMMP framework.