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APC holds solidarity march for Tinubu in Rivers

Hundreds of supporters of APC in Rivers State, on Thursday, held a solidarity rally in support of President Bola Almed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

The rally was organized by APC Care Taker Committee Chairman in Rivers State, Chief Tony Okocha,

Tinubu’s supporters marched from the popular GRA junction to APC Aba-Port Harcourt road, office.

Speaking at the event, Okocha said the party wants the Minister of Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Barrister Nyesom Wike, to join the party so as to help it win 2027 presidential election for Tinubu.

Okocha said Wike is a political strategist that cannot be ignored in Rivers State politics and the party needs him to actualise Tinubu’s 2027 presidential ambition.

“Wike is the leader of renewed hope agenda in Rivers State. Wike was responsible for the victory of Tinubu election in Rivers State. Wike is a reformer and he is our leader Rivers in State. The rally is not APC event the rally is renew hope of Mr President family in Rivers State. Wike is a game changer he has a midas touch and we have been wooing him to come over to APC to help us. We want Wike to join us in APC so that he will continue to win election for Tinubu in Rivers State especially when elections come for 2027.

“A time came in Rivers State when we could not campaign for our own presidential candidate using the party platform upon which he emerged because we were threatened by the entire leadership of APC in Rivers State. They told us that the man we were supporting being Bola Tinubu was too old and that he has become senile.

“That how can we support a man who will die any moment soon. They said to us that we were supporting a man who is medically unfit and was using all the social media platforms to paint him like someone who defecate on himself. I want to state here that President Tinubu is the best thing that happen to Nigeria.

“Rome was not built in a day. Nigeria suffered set backs political , economic, socio cultural and we have a leader who just came on the throne for nearly one year . Can he possibly upturn tne mistakes of 30 o 50 years in one year. So it’s a process and the process began the same day he took the oath of office. The President was very clear when he said that he want to fix Nigeria and he said that fuel subsides was gone.

“Today states, federal, local government areas are packing money in billions for the development of the State. I am aware that the first and biggest project that will transverse the length and breath of Nigeria is being carried out under Almed Tinubu.”