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Wife Denies Infidelity, Claims STDs


Alexer Peres, the estranged ex-wife of Nigerian singer Harrison Okiri, aka Harrysong, has denied claims made by her ex-husband that she got pregnant for another man while they were still married. Recall that the ‘Reggae Blues’ crooner, made the claim during an Instagram Live session on May 26, 2024, when he implied that ‘cheating runs’ in the family of the mother of his kids.

He also claimed in the viral clip which is making the rounds on social media that Alexer’s mother has been married multiple times and even still cheats in her present marriage.

“My ex-wife’s mother just married her seventh or sixth husband yet she is still cheating in that marriage. That’s the kind of family I married into,” he began.

Harrysong further said that Alexer came to him and told him she was pregnant after they had ceased having s3xual relations for over a year. He made it clear, though, that the pregnancy was not his because they hadn’t had any marital intercourse in some months.

He said,

“My wife came to inform me that she was pregnant when I stopped sleeping with her for almost a year! She was pregnant for another man inside my marriage.

While reacting to the claims made by him, Alexer in a post on Instagram called on any man or men she has had s3xual relationship with to come forward with evidence and also accused Harrysong of severally infecting her with S3xually Transmitted Diseases.

She wrote, “Now let’s come to me. Please if you are the man or men that I had sexual relations with while I was married to Harrysong, please step forward with evidence. And if there is any way we can run a DNA on all my kids including the one I lost I am open to it because I fear nothing.”

“A clear conscience fears no accusation, like I said you keep projecting your insecurities onto me. Harrison how many times did I get to treat STDs because of you. The only s3xually transmitted infections I did not get to treat weekly were HIV and hepatitis B,” she concluded.