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Tiwa Savage’s Daring Outfits Used to Cause Her to be Banned from Performing


Artist Tiwa Savage has recalled how she was prevented from performing on stage due to her choice of outfit during her rising stage. Tiwa Savage, who just acted in and executive produced her debut feature film ‘Water & Garri’, spoke with BET Talks about her transition from music to film.

Tiwa Savage claims that she encountered discrimination in her early days in the Nigerian music industry due to her sensual clothing and style. Tiwa Savage told host Unique Chapman that she used to get highly ridiculed, have her songs banned on terrestrial radio, and even be barred from performing because of her risqué clothing and sensual music.

Tiwa Savage also stated that she has heard several instances from female artists who have gone through similar experiences.

“They get overlooked and they can’t do soundchecks,” Tiwa Savage said pointing out some of the discriminatory practices. “Initially when I first moved back, I would turn up for a show and they would say I couldn’t perform because of my outfit,” she added.

Tiwa Savage explained how she overcame this circumstance to become a music sensation, saying she doubled down on her style and profile as a sex symbol.

She told BET Talks.

“I am very stubborn. So I was like my dress is just going to get shorter and my shirt is going to get more revealing,”