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Speed Darlington Seeks Wife Who Can Cook For His Grandma


Darlington Okoye, also known as Speed Darlington, a hip hop musician, has given a public warning to his prospective bride about one of his key expectations of her. He stated that his grandmother is still living, and if he marries someone as a housewife, his spouse must be willing to cook for her at least twice a day.

The online star stated that when he goes out, he wants to return home to see his grandma well nourished. He mentioned this in a recent conversation with media personality Chude, when passing a message to females who had expressed interest in being his wife, as he announced weeks ago.

Speed Darlington said;

“I still have my grandmother, so, if I marry you keep for house, you must be able to feed her for me at least 2 times a day while I go and come back”.

Last month, the controversial artist, who returned to his village for the first time in almost two decades, announced his quest for a bride and outlined the different characteristics he is seeking for.

He said;

“Looking for a wife with: Dark skin, under 150 pounds of weight, at least 5 feet, 8 inches tall, age 18 to 23 years old, a great listener, second school graduate, financial literacy, business minded person, never been to Libya, I prefer a virgin but if you’re not, it’s fine, personal hygiene/cleanliness is very important to me, 46 to 50 inches of ukwu, a person who is fluent in Igbo and English.”

Akpi as he is fondly called added;

“I have: six plots of land, associate degree in digital filmmaking, access to USA, 4 lingual, 11 rooms mansion, five bank accounts worldwide, three rooms apartment in Lagos, 18 years old Mercedes, frequent flyer, medium listener, good analyst and advisor, studio, and more shirts than I need.”