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RM – “Out Of Love” Lyrics


RM - Out Of Love
RM – Out Of Love

“Out Of Love” Lyrics by RM

My life is out of love
My life is out of love
My life is out of love
My life is out of love
My life is out of love
My life is out of love

Verse 1
I’m just a pack of cigarette
I’m going to burn down all the love and the hate, the right, the wrongs
Even the goddamn world I’ve been living in for my whole life
Smoking kills, I know
It’s my business, you bitches stop, don’t talk shit
Ashes falling like snow
I’ve been changing the flow
Time to let go of the past, the memories, the stacks of truth
Diaries without priorities
I already killed myself out of fucking fears
Smoke, drink, people, I know they stink
Mix them all up and I put ’em in the sink
I don’t do the dishes ’cause it’s my fucking script
After a dozen years, I can now feel the creepiness back again
I don’t belong here, poetry died and love was buried
Anyway, since you and I believe in different truths
Then I don’t blame you
I don’t blame you
Love will probably fail

Verse 2
Uh, all you strangers, did you think you could please me?
It’s been a few months since you’ve seen me, do you believe me?
I’m not familiar, I love it when you hate me
No, kiss me, oh see me, don’t leave me
Just eat me, uh
Honesty’s always a crime
Just tell me if you need a dime
But I can’t give you my time
Can’t waste my goddamn time on you
You know you were a grime
You can fuck my body
Can’t fuck my mind