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Level Up Your Creativity! Spyro Shares Secrets for Artistic Success


Nigerian singer, Spyro has sent a valuable message and advice to upcoming artists looking to make it to the limelight. On his Instagram page, the singer posted a sincere message to upcoming Afrobeat artists, cautioning them that signing with a prestigious record label does not guarantee success.

He shared his personal experience of being let down by record labels and emphasized that he had to build his career from scratch to achieve his current status. The “Who’s Your Guy” singer recounted his struggles while under his last record label, revealing that he had to take loans from various sources, including banks, to finance his projects.

He also credited God for transforming his life, attributing his current success to years of hard work and meticulous planning.

His words in part:

“Dear Upcoming artiste, I write this to you from the depth of my heart… I wish you would know that the Label or who is signing you has nothing to do with your success.. So if you like be signed by the biggest label/ artiste in the world,it’s still no guarantee for success o Labels/Big names will only aid what you already “CARRY”

“So if you already carry a failure mentality that everything must be done for you/handed to you just because you got the talent, well they will help amplify you to be a massive failure and vice versa. just so you know too,your talent without diligence and hard work will FAIL YOU Infact these days a talentless person with Focus,deligence & hardwork gets the Stop building castles in the air waiting for labels/people and start investing in YOU”