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Isbae U Faces Backlash for Comment to Yinka Ayefele


Notable podcaster, Isbae U sparks mixed reactions as he hosts the veteran gospel singer, Yinka Ayefele while asking him to ‘stand up’ despite being in a wheelchair. It is worth noting that the content creator is known for his savage comments just as he described Ms DSF as a failed actress, Tacha for having a body odour, and many others.

In the latest episode of his Curiosity Made Me Ask podcast, Isbae U hosted Yinka Ayefele and in the snippet of the show, he sang a song asking him to stand up. Recall that the gospel singer in December of 1997 was involved in a ghastly car accident that left him bound to a wheelchair.

Bae U’s remarks have since sparked a wave of reactions on social media from many who noted it as a joke while others ridiculed the content creator.

Reactions as Isbae U asks Yinka Ayefele to stand up

ulot_szn noted:

“???????????????? Yinka Ayefele is supposed to sue you for this rubbish oo, no be everything be joke or cruise. If I was him, I would have kicked you in the face ????.”

Winifunds opined:

“Too dark. I want to believe they already planned it BTS, if not, it will be so insensitive.”

Empress_Brymex wrote:

“This guy???????????? How do they agree to come to this show? How much do you pay too.”

fortunateozuyak stated:

“Grow up man, you can do this with your fellow content creators or social media influencers. That’s the highest form of disrespect and a gutter behavior.”

Ishow_leck wrote:

“Bae u calm down na, your jokes are pretty expensive that he can’t even stand it… Take it easy.”

MasterAdetoye noted:

“Tbvh, this show is actually the content. Thank God bae_u discover and created this show. That ‘fvck shit’ he was doing before was a whole crap.”

Watch the video below …