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Ghanaian Reggae duo Y-Bayani and Baby Naa Set to Tour Europe


Ghanaian reggae duo Y-Bayani and Baby Naa have announced that they will be touring Europe this summer. The tour comprises a nine-date schedule from 29 June to 20 July at festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Backed by The Band of Enlightenment, Reason & Love, Y-Bayani and Baby Naa say they’re spreading a “new branch” of Ghanaian music, with their work blending Ghanaian highlife traditions with reggae rhythms. Their lyrics are crafted around themes of positivity.

The band came about when German drummer, producer and record label boss Max Weissenfeldt met Y-Bayani & Baby Naa on one of his many trips to Ghana. He was captivated by their natural vocal talent and their sense of soulful reggae and began collaborating with them. Soon, a strong team of musicians was assembled around the due, giving rise “beautiful, healing and groovy music.”

On the road, Y-Bayani and Baby Naa will play songs from their debut album Nsie Nsie. The work, released in 2020 on Weissenfeldt’s Philophon label, blends deep basslines, synths, horns and drums to create a sound that fuses Afrofuturism with a warm retro feel.