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Save Our Industry From Collapse, Table Water Producers tell FG

The Association Of Table Water Producers (ATWAP) has appealed to the federal government to save the water industry from total collapse by supporting the association with financial aid to enhance the business of their members numbering over 30,000 across the country.

Recall that 22nd March of every year has been set aside to celebrate ‘World Water Day’ and water producers in the country used the annual celebration to reflect on water and its usefulness to mankind and other creatures.

The association lamented the rate at which the cost of production is skyrocketing, making sachet water popularly known as pure water almost becoming unaffordable to the masses, while at the same time, appealing to Nigerians to bear with them.

The National President of ATWAP, Dr. (Mrs) Clementina Chinwe Ativie, spoke on behalf of the association at the Trade Fair Exhibition Complex Expoyo, Ibadan.

Ativie disclosed that ATWAP has remained on the vanguard of promoting quality water production and distribution for consumption in the country for the past two decades.

She said: “Again, we want to emphasise that, water remains the source of life and sustainability. For that reason, issues concerning water production and consumption call for every attention from both the producers, which ATWAP represents, and the government that regulates the industry.”

“That is the only way to promote a healthier society for today’s generation and the others that are coming in the future. Ladies and gentlemen, simply put, water is the only substance created by God that does not have an enemy but continues to refresh each time it is used either for ”bathing or drinking”. Therefore, it must be guided jealously in every way possible.

“The population explosion, coupled with human developmental activities nonetheless, has further made potable water scarce, therefore leading to the abstraction and purification of underground water being sought everywhere for the specific intended use.

“Suffice to say here, as an association, we have always considered the interest of Nigerians as our top priority.

“The packaged water producers in Nigeria understand the importance of providing affordable and safe drinking water to the citizens, and we strive to do so while also dealing with the rising costs of production.

“Nylon is our main material for our packaging, and we have no alternative to any other material that can be used to package sachet water.

“Therefore, we are in dire need of support from the government, given the economic realities and to avoid closing factories by members and the attendant job losses and waterborne diseases that would follow if water industry is allowed to collapse.”

She reiterated that as they celebrate the World Water Day, “bearing in mind that water, in all intent and purposes, is LIFE, those in the line of water production in the country really deserve every support from our government having filled the void created by non existent of public water supply.

“I want to infer also that our services is as vital as other sectors of the economy, if not more, since water is a must in every home,” she added.

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