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Adeolu Akinyemi celebrates launch of ‘Dear Entrepreneur’ book

The launch of Adeolu Akinyemi’s book was a grand success and is now available to the public. It is available on his personal website and on amazon.

High brow guests flocked to the venue to felicitate with the prolific businessman who announced one of his contributions to societal growth though his book, Dear Entrepreneur.

The book was reviewed by Mr Segun Awosanya (SEGA) who encouraged people to pick copies of the book because of the wealth of knowledge packed in it. Closing his review, he said, “Adeolu has packed a university between these pages. He chose practical, easy to understand stories and lessons that have been of great help to him over the years.”

Adeolu then shared more about the book and announced the launch of the Titanium Tribe, a group of people who are willing to support and celebrate each other through different challenges of life. He also reminded people that adversity is a necessary part of life, so the onus is on everyone to increase their ability to handle adversity.

Pastor Tunde Bakare who was proud of the celebrant, affirmed that Adeolu Akinyemi is someone who was qualified to discuss the subject matter.
“This is a proud father-son moment for me. Adeolu has been through many challenges and his resilience is one of his greatest virtues. I have watched

Adeolu and his wife face difficult situations and come out stronger. He is really qualified to talk on this subject,” he announced.
Some other guests were given the opportunity to share their failure stories and there was no dull moment in that hall.

More than a book for entrepreneurs, the book is a must read for everyone, regardless of what stage of life you are in. Adversity is the path that progress is paved with, if you really want to move forward, you will need to rise above adversity.

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