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ActionAid Nigeria condemns extravagant vehicle purchases by NASS

ActionAid Nigeria has condemned the recent acquisition of exotic vehicles by the National Assembly, noting that the ostentatious display of opulence flies in the face of the very principles that the monetisation policy seeks to uphold.

Andrew Mamedu, Country Director of ActionAid Nigeria, in a statement, said the decision to purchase the cars amid economic hardship faced by millions of ordinary Nigerians was nothing short of a betrayal of public trust.

While acknowledging the need for functional vehicles to facilitate the duties of public officials, he stated that the choice of luxury vehicles, “in this case, raises serious questions about priorities.

“The justification citing the condition of Nigerian roads is a feeble attempt to rationalise what can only be described as an act of fiscal recklessness. The lawmakers’ decision to overlook Innoson Motors, a proudly Nigerian brand known for manufacturing quality vehicles, speaks volumes about their misplaced priorities.

“By opting for foreign-made vehicles, they not only disregard an opportunity to support local industries but also undermine the very essence of promoting self-sufficiency and economic growth in our nation and this choice reflects a glaring inconsistency between their rhetoric and actions and raises questions about their commitment to Nigeria’s industrial development.”

Mamedu added, “The funds allocated for this purpose could be redirected towards building nearly two thousand units of six-block classrooms, providing minimum wage payments for over 150,000 individuals, and other essential needs.”


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