Simi: What I’ll Do If My Daughter Is Bullied In School


Sonorous singer and mother of one, Simi has taken to her social media to express zero tolerance for bullies.

In her insta story, Simi, while sending warnings to parents of bullies, said she would not hesitate to arrange boys to beat up anyone who bullies her child.

The “Duduke” hit maker said “Deja still has some time before she goes to school, but I wanted to tell you down – if your baby is a bully, please don’t take him/her to Deja’s school, because I fight and I will also arrange boys to beat any thug that near my child. Be you 2 years old or more.”

In May 2020, Simi alongside her husband, Adekunle Gold welcomed their first child, Adejare who many referred to as “Duduke”.

According to the sonorous singer, she alongside Gold had only gone on vacation to the United States to have fun, just before the COVID-19 lockdown.

Speaking during a recent interview with Pulse, the “Duduke” hitmaker said “We didn’t know there was going to be a lockdown. We went for holidays… We were there enjoying our lives [laughs] when the lockdown hit,” she says. “Omo, there was a lot of paranoia from me o. See even on a good day without COVID, I’m very paranoid and always careful hmmmm…[laughs hard].”

On motherhood, “I love being a mom,” she said, adding that “As soon as you know you want a child, you have a baby fever when you see a cute baby. I said a few ‘I want ones’ sha… [laughs].”


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