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ATA At 39: Celebrating A Man Of Many Achievements

Should we roll out the drums for a man worth celebrating on his 39th birthday? Will that gesture be enough as a show of celebrating him?

Should we put ink to paper, writing epistles as we have always done? Is that enough to tell his amazing story?

Shall we, in our customary fashion, flood social media with messages, pictures and prayers for a deserving representative of the people? Will it still suffice?

Hon Adewale Temitope Adedeji (ATA) deserves all the love and appreciation he gets on his 39th birthday (May 3rd) and beyond. For a man, who has over time rejected the ‘leader’ tag, his humility, among many other traits, stands tall like Mount Everest, visible for all to see.

In appreciating and showing him our overwhelming support, what we have done is just like a tiny drop in the ocean, albeit one he doesn’t take for granted. It might be easier to change lanes and once again, focus on his numerous achievements as a member, Lagos State House of Assembly, Ifako-Ijaiye 01, but that shouldn’t take precedence. The achievements speak for themselves.

Yes, we can roll out the drums; we can put ink to paper and write amazing things about a special person; the various WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages and other social media platforms should feel the heat; today, tomorrow and always, we celebrate one of our own, a man of many achievements – Hon Adewale Temitope Adedeji (ATA).

Happy birthday, My Honourable!

Akinleye Segun

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