Akeredolu Arrested Over $217,000 Fraud


A 48-year-old Nigerian, Joseph Akeredolu has been arrested in India for allegedly duping a diamond broker from south Mumbai of Rs 1.16 crore or $217,000.

The Indian police, in its report, says Akeredolu is part of a gang that creates fake accounts on social media to lure people and dupes them under the pretext of sending gifts.

According to Indian Express, the gang approached the diamond broker, who resides in Girgaon and has an office at Bharat Diamond Bourse in BKC, through one of the fake accounts on Instagram on October 10, 2020.

Akeredolu had created a profile under the name of a non-existing woman, Alex Zendra and claimed to be a captain at a ship in the UK.

“We started chatting on WhatsApp and after a few days, Zendra told me that she loves me and wanted to marry me. She aspired to start a business with me in Mumbai…

“On October 17, she sent me a video in which she showed branded shoes, gold chains, watches, and US dollars and said that she is sending them for me,” the broker said in his statement to the police.


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