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Kannywood movies aren’t all about love – Director

Isiyaku Mohammed

Popular Kannywood script writer and director Jameel Nafseen has debunked news saying Kannywood movies are only love-based stories.
Nafseen was reacting to wide-spread insinuations that Kannywood movies are not well written and are always about love, which was said to be the main reason why they are not making it onto Netflix.
He said, “Kannywood stories are more on him front issues including marriage, and others not on love alone. I write many Kannywood blockbuster movies and I direct many and most are not on love. We are not narrowing Hausa traditions to love, we are just perhaps telling the stories in a way they will be appealing to our fans.
“One of the biggest Kannywood web series, Izzar so, even though the name including love, it is not about love.”
On why no Kannywood film has ever appeared in Netflix, the script writer, who once contributed in a Nollywood movie said, “There are many things that are hindering our movies. Budget is indeed a very big issue, but there is a barrier that we must break. We must have some dedicated Kannywood enthusiasts that will do the needful. Some people on the South are thinking Netflix is only theirs, so you must be loyal to them to get it. But we are doing our primary work properly, and we are getting there in the near future,” he concluded.

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