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‘I’ll Win a Grammy Without You’, Portable Tells Davido

Singer Portable has publicly lashed out at his senior colleague, Davido, asserting that he will achieve success and win a Grammy without Davido’s support.

The conflict between the two musicians intensified after Davido unfollowed Portable on Instagram. The rift began when Portable accused Davido of giving him poor advice during a recent dinner in the United States. According to Portable, Davido, who is under contract with Sony Music, advised him against joining the same label, suggesting instead that he sign with Empire.

Portable, best known for his hit song ‘Zazu’, perceived this advice as sabotage. He believes that Davido, who has his own aspirations for Grammy recognition, is attempting to undermine his chances by steering him towards a label that might not bolster his Grammy prospects.

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Reacting to the situation, Portable expressed his frustration in a video posted on Instagram, where he made it clear that he does not need Davido’s followership or assistance to succeed. “They tried to destroy me and quickly unfollowed me because I stopped being beneficial to them,” Portable stated. “Whether you help me or not, I will do my tour; whether you follow me or not, I will collect Grammy.”

Portable’s bold declaration highlights his determination to forge his own path in the music industry, undeterred by the fallout with Davido. The unfolding drama continues to captivate fans and followers, shedding light on the intense rivalries and complex dynamics within the Nigerian music scene.