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National grid records zero collapse in one year

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has stated that the nation’s power grid has recorded stability in the past 400 days due to strategic measures and investments in the power system.

In a statement yesterday, TCN’s General Manager, Public Affairs, Ndidi Mbah, said since the last national grid collapse last, it has carried out several infrastructural upgrades that have transformed the grid from a radial network to a loop system.

She said massive investment in construction, and dualization of critical circuits, including commissioning new transmission stations and power transformers, have reinforced grid resilience and operational flexibility.

“The company equally focused on putting in place an enhanced maintenance regime with regular inspections, prompt repairs, and proactive preventive maintenance strategies to ensure the integrity of power plants, transmission lines, and substations.

“This approach sustains infrastructure health, operational reliability, and efficient power flow. Regular maintenance has equally ensured less equipment downtime due partly to regular mechanised line trace which has prevented vegetation from fouling transmission lines.

“This has helped reduce downtime, especially in forest areas where TCN transmission lines transverse.”

She said the power grid achievement of over 400 days of uninterrupted stability showcased the nation’s commitment to advancing its power infrastructure.

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