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DisCos should replace faulty meters in two days after complaint – NERC

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has stated that electricity consumers should be provided with new meters within two working days after their meter gets faulty.

In a series of tweets on its X account, formerly Twitter, NERC said the change of meter is free except where the user is responsible for the damage.

The tweet, which quoted NERC’s General Manager, Finance and Management Services, Dr Abdulkadir Shettima said, “The customer has the right to repair or replacement of faulty meters within two working days upon complaint unless if the fault is from him in which case, he will be required to make an upfront payment.

“The customer also has the right to whatever credit that is on the old meter to be transferred to the new meter.”

Shettima stated that customers have some obligations to perform among which is to authorize access to the meter and connection to the DisCos because a default could lead to disconnection. 

He added that the customer must ensure the safety of the meter while preventing unauthorized access.

“In delivering its mandate, NERC has to ensure that there is balance between the operators and the consumers of electricity and metering is one of the aspects of ensuring this balance. Among the rights of consumers, is the right to have appropriate meters that will measure their consumption.”

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